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School Fees 2019

Per month Per term Per annum (-5%)
Standard fees (5 days/week):   R 2 950 R  7 375   R 28 025
Aftercare (full time)

  R    900

  R  2 250

   R   9 000

Atercare (half)

R 450

R 1 125

   R 4 500


Occasional Aftercare (13h00 – 15h00)      R 50 per day

Occasional Aftercare (13h00 – 17h30)      R 70 per day

A fee of R200 (non-refundable) is required on application to Disa Park Pre-primary. This should be paid together with your application form. You will be notified if your child has been accepted. On acceptance you will be required to pay a placement fee of R2 300 (non-refundable) to secure your child’s place.

Please note:

  1. Annual school fees are calculated per school term (excluding school holidays) and is payable in 10 monthly instalments. School fees are therefore paid from February to November regardless of individual holiday choices.
  2. The holiday care fees are additional and to be paid in cash.
  3. School fees should be paid via internet transfer using your child’s name and surname as reference.
  4. No extra-mural activities’ fees should be paid into the Disa Park bank account – these should be settled directly with the provider.
  5. All school fees to be paid by the 7th of each month. NO PAY, NO ATTENDANCE!
  6. The 5% discount is only applicable when annual fees are paid in full before 31 January.
  7. One term’s written notice is required should you wish to withdraw your child from Disa Park Pre-primary. Parents are responsible for payment of school fees up to the end of that term.

Banking details:

Disa Park Pre-primary School Association


Account no:      408 050 057 7

Bank code:       632 005

 Please use child’s name and surname as reference